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Hello. We are Bimble. We’re interested in your favourite ways to pass the time in the places you know best. Three to five stops you like to make, threaded together into a little journey.

Or a bimble, as we call it.


A coffee shop close to the independent bookshop which leads to the deli that makes that weird but delicious pasta. Then home through the park. Obvious to you, of interest to others.

We all have our own bimbles and do them all the time.

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Don't Just Navigate,

A bimble is a way to pass an hour or so doing a few different things, close by one another and the wonderful journey in between. Not one restaurant or one-place reviews. More of a mooch around.

It is simple and fun to create bimbles and explore other people’s.

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Create, Then

Create bimbles in your own words, with your own photos. All you need is your idea, the desire to create a lasting memory of it and the willingness to share it with others.

Go on a micro-journey then share it with the Bimble community.

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We’ll release our first version of Bimble in early 2018. You’ll be able to create, share and go on bimbles. Become one of our first users and let us know what you think?