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The passion, courage and creativity of local shopkeepers and small business owners is plain #bimbleworthy. High Five your local favourites by sharing them on Bimble for others to discover and appreciate.

Pavilion Bakery

For the true Eastend experience, locals flock to owner Rob Green's Pavilion bakeries. Loaves and pastries are piled high in the windows and on the counters. The soughdough is what everybody raves about and Eastenders queue round the block.

18 Broadway Market, Hackney

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Rufus Thurston (The Ru of Oli’s Thai) joined forces with another Oxford restauranteur, Ben Whyles, to open this popular Tapas bar on the Cowley Road. Confusing (yet beautiful) vintage signage of a pharmacy gives it the delicious feel of a secret only few know of. The food is really very good, as we would expect from Rufus. EVERYONE orders the tortilla upon arrival and the dishes flow from there. Small and intimate but achingly cool.

74 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4

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Whether you find yourself in Helsinki or Huddersfield, there should be one, reliable, zeitgeisty, authentic platform where you can head, to find out what to do and where to go. The source? The people that live there.

Healthy Lifestyle

London's bustling metropolis offers every opportunity for an active, wholesome lifestyle. Like-minded souls are sharing their favourite things to do and places to go in on Bimble. Hawaiian Poke in Fitzrovia? Meat-free cookery at Mildreds? Discover some new ideas and share your own.

Rainy Day

It's not all bad, the rain. In fact it can be a great day to go exploring. People often stay at home on rainy days freeing up the capital for you to discover without the crowds. Get out and about by staying under cover. There are plenty of indoor bimbles here and it's not at all gloomy.